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Bracli Pearl Thong Review

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After many requests on my opinion of the bracli pearl thong, I decided to make a bracli pearl thong review.  If you are not aware of what this type you can go to the page entitled Bracli Pearl Thong – The Original Pearl Thong to get a full overview.  I must say though out of all the pieces of lingerie this one is one of the best.

My honest experience with this type of underwear is phenomenal. I will start first with the design.  There is elegant lace and seductive strand of pearls that are enough to get you excited before you put them on. Just looking at this undergarment will bring about excitement, if not in you, in your partner for sure.  Seriously take a good look at the above picture, you can see the quality.

The comfort of the bracli pearl thong was even more surprising to me.  Usually lace at times is not very comfortable, but with these pair of panties strip of lace felt like the lace was barely there.  I later found out that the lace was hand stitched French lace which seems to be of higher quality than other laces.  I also noticed that the spandex fit me nicer than other thongs I have had and didn’t wear out.  I got mine quite some time ago and it is still around, the lace is not even frayed.

I have tried other types of panties and although they were good I found that the pearls used on the bracli pearl thong were much more durable. I would also like to note that unlike my other pearl thongs; the strand of pearls has not yet broken.  With some of the others the strand attached to the lace broke quickly, in fact one pair (which I shall no name) broke after the first wear.

The bracli pearl thong is of course more expensive than other ones, but in my opinion it is well worth it.  Many times the phrase “you get what you pay for” rings true.  This is very true when it comes to purchasing this type of underwear.  If you really want to have a few different types, in a few different colors, you want to purchase something durable so you do not have to keep buying the same color or strands again and again.

This concludes my bracli pearl thong review and I hope it was helpful, if you have any additional questions that my review didn’t cover or questions about a pearl thong in general feel free to contact me.

One Response to “Bracli Pearl Thong Review”

  1. z650c3 says:

    I bought my lady friend whose in her mid fifties a double pearl thong and she loves it!
    Made a gift of it and she was quite surprised how beautiful it was. She put it on and was impressed with it’s comfort and quality. She has promised to wear it when we go out again!
    The lace part is very comfortable and the pearls very well secured,the pearls are superb a very big hit!!!!
    The sexiest thing we have ever seen.