Bracli Pearl Thong – The Original Pearl Thong

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The Bracli Pearl thong is known as the original pearl thong.  This hot little number has appeared in Playboy magazine and on Sex and the City.  The Bracli Pearl Thong is a loop of soft and sexy lace, from which a string or two of faux pearls descends – sliding seductively between your legs. This thong is very sexy looking, and the sliding of the pearls produces some sensations that are beyond description!

As one customer states:

“This is a great lingerie item, one that I highly recommend. My first suggestion is that you pay the extra money, and get the one with the double strand of pearls – wear it and you’ll know why. My second suggestion is that you combine this thong with a pearl necklace, bracelets and earrings. Have fun!”

The Bracli Pearl Thong has the following features 46+ Pearls Of Manacor, 85% Polyamide, 15% Spandex and have colors of White, Black, Pink, Red, & Blue.  They also come in Single & Double Stranded Pearls!

If you want to look hot and create that sensual appeal whether it is just for you or for that special someone this is one of the best choices out there.  Just owning a piece of lingerie this great will boost self esteem and make you feel like a completely different person!

I would strongly recommend the bracli pearl thong as your first pearl thong.  If you have a few pearl thongs already and do not have a bracli pearl thong I would say GET ON IT!! The Bracli Pearl Thong is the sexiest pearl thong whether single or double strand!

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