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Double Pearl Thong

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As mentioned before the pearl thong has been seen on the hit show “Sex in the City” as well as featured in Playboy magazine.  As the string of pearls on the pearl thong are strategically positioned against your sensitive areas, it allows for erotic sensations when you are moving or walking.

However, what about the double pearl thong?  Many have asked the question is a pearl thong or a double pearl thong a better buy?  There is not a concrete answer to that as it is somewhat based on a womans personal choice.  If it is your first time buying a pearl thong I will explain the difference between it and the double pearl thong.

The pearl thong usually has only one string of pearls going from back to front.  It usually ends up lying exactly on a woman’s sensitive area.  That is not to say that it is more exciting then the double pearl thong, just different.

The double pearl thong has two strings of pearls and most of the time they end of laying one strand of each side of the woman’s sensitive area.  That being said this is not always the case, it just seems to be what happens most often when wearing a double pearl thong.

If this is your first time buying a pearl thong I would recommend you buy a single strand pearl thong to make sure you like it and so you can have the pearl thong experience.  However, if you are adding to your collection of pearl thongs, get yourself a double pearl thong because they are just as exciting and some women even like them better.

In summary, the double pearl thong is a great item and many women enjoy it.  When deciding on a single or double pearl thong start with single and move on from there.  A word of caution, once you have bought one pearl thong you won’t look back, you will be well on your way to the double pearl thong and other pearl items!

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