Pearl Thong

A pearl thong is one of the sexiest items you can get in the area of sexy lingerie.  Thongs in themselves are a must have item to radiate a women’s sexuality.  However, with a pearl thong your sexuality is heightened!

For those who are not familiar with pearl thongs, they are simply thong panties with a string of pearls. The pearl thong is a crotchless lace thong, but what is special is that they don’t have crotch covered with fabric, but have a strand of pearls instead. Some have two strands of pearls while others have one. Pearl thongs scream elegance and class, if you are looking to portray this with of course the sexy look of a thong then these panties is right for you!

You may ask yourself what is so special about pearl thong? What makes them different from other crotchless panties? Well pearls are not there just for elegance look, they actually have function. The pearls provide stimulation to the woman’s special area, and the pearl thong can be worn alone or during intercourse.

After being featured in the hit T.V. show “Sex in the City” it was evident that the pearl G-string was going to be a hit.  Although this hot type of undergarment was around long before the airing of the episode with the pearl thong, not many were informed about them.  After the program aired the sales skyrocketed and people have been looking for quality pearl underwear ever since.

When choosing a pearl thong there are things to consider.  For example, are you going to wear them for fun in the bedroom, daily wear or both?  The reason these choices are so important is because you want quality.  If you choose to buy from an unreliable manufacturer then you will not be pleased with your purchase.

Believe me if you purchase a good one such as the bracli pearl thong you will be pleased and that is exactly what you want.  The comfort, sensuality, and self-esteem that comes along with owning pearl thong panties.  Just my knowing the best brands and the right places to buy will make a world of difference with your pearl thong experience.

That is where we come into play, we know that you want one, but may not be able to spend an arm and a leg getting one.  So upon research we have found the best brands at the best price.  Although repetitive we cannot stress enough getting a good buy.

There are many styles and looks so feel free to scroll through the left hand column and find the best pearl thong for you.  A pearl string thong will add to your desirability as well as strengthen your confidence.  Not to mention a pearl thong will drive your partner wild.

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