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Pearl Thongs – Tips on Buying

There is more than just one pearl thong out there.  There are different types known as G-Strings, T Strings, and V strings.  Along with the different types of pearl thongs there are also hybrids out there such as tangas and thong boys.

With all these different types of pearl thongs items and lingerie we have created a short list that may help you decide which one is right for you.

  • The thong should be made with material that is seamless.  It makes it more comfortable and one can avoid those embarrassing panty lines.
  • If one is new to buying or wearing a pearl thong one should start out with the tanga.
  • If you prefer the most slinky and sexy look one should choose the G-string
  • Think about what bottoms you usually wear or will wear with your pearl thong.  For example, if you have a tendency to wear low waist pants or skirts a low rise pearl thong would be your best bet.
  • For some, getting used to pearl thongs takes a while; it is an entirely new sensation.  A tip for those who are trying these thongs for the first time is start with one piece and then after you get used to it start adding more to the collection.

As you can see you do have a lot of choices, however if you are just looking for the panties then basically all you have to decide is whether you want a single strand or a double strand.  Also, you will want to know which brands are best.  Not to worry, we have listed the best pearl thongs that have the highest quality at the most reasonable price.

When thinking of buying this type of undergarment it is important to remember that you probably will not be buying a lot of these items therefore you can spend a little more if it is only a one or two time purchase.  It is well worth a little extra to get a good quality pearl g-string.

Without the quality several things can happen.  First and what is seen most often is that the string of pearls brake quickly, sometimes within the first or second use.  Second, people are not pleased with the elegance or comfort of the fabric that holds the strand together.  There will be no sensuality if you are uncomfortable and there is no point in that.

These are just a few buying tips that can assist one with purchasing these types of underwear.   Pearl thongs are fun and sexy; they can make you and your partner have an entire new sensual experience.  However, before you can have this experience you must be comfortable with your choice.   With these tips and more to come we hope to make your purchasing easier as well as get the exact item you are looking for.  Choose carefully and enjoy!


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